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Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

This is the latest film that I had the chance to witness on the big screen and I questioned, with repeated previous attempts to live up to, did we finally get the Spider-Man we’ve been reaching for?

Well, yes and no. If you’re a comic book fan, I have a feeling you’re very much going to favour this film over the attempts of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, thanks to the boyish charm of Tom Holland. The role feels like it was made for him and, on a factual level, he plays the part much closer to the actual age that the young hero is painted in the comic books. We all know how important accuracy is to these things, right?

On a serious note though, Holland makes a beautifully imperfect hero with ideas above his station, just waiting to prove himself, which is exactly the character that this movie demands of him. He bleeds excitement through the screen like a new puppy, and his evident enthusiasm for the role is an absolute joy to watch. Not to mention it’s a rarity on today’s screens, that are jam-packed with indifferent Hollywood actors guaranteed a role regardless. -No tea no shade-

Countering this impressive display of showmanship is Michael Keaton who, unfortunately, makes no impact as an actor in this film for me. I’m purely indifferent about Keaton here, and that’s not the effect an actor of his experience should be offering me. However, I do have to excuse him somewhat. The part itself wasn’t written to provide impact, either. The actor chosen to play this part would be irrelevantĀ in the grand scheme of the film, so even the most practised of ‘bad guy’ actors would have struggled to leave a mark or making a lasting impression.

I’m not even going to mention the hugely immaterial, irritating and incessant appearances of one Robert Downey Jr.. I’m just not.

Overall, though, the movie just didn’t invoke any kind of reaction from me. It committed the cardinal sin; it was boring. Yes there was some ‘Marvel’ humour in there, as is to be expected, and some attempts at climaxes and a narrative arc with a learning curve for the main character. All the usual components of a successful superhero (Marvel) movie were there, but that is exactly the problem; the formula is becoming predictable. I was quashing the temptation to leave the screen by the time the most ‘thrilling’ scene of the production had even made an appearance.

Spider-Man was always going to make millions at the box office, that was a guarantee. There’s nothing wrong with that, Marvel make excellent movies and I am, usually, a huge fan. I will pay to see anything they produce at the big screen, I just don’t believe this film is anywhere near as deserving as the likes of Guardians or Avengers. However, if you must, do go and see this film and accept it as an introduction to a budding actor, who could definitely have a thriving career as long as he can stick around in the role long enough before a remake. Holland made the film much more bearable for the entirety of the 2 hour and 13 minute runtime, and he deserves the success of this movie, at the very least.

The fact I was sitting on effectively wooden cinema seats for two hours has absolutely nothing to do with my issues, I swear.

Rating: 5/10




First blog post (because I’m lazy and didn’t want to make use of my imagination)

I can do better than that, I promise.

First things first, I’m twenty one years old, and I have just graduated from my Multimedia Journalism course at Bournemouth University. As a result I have landed myself a very prestigious role as a Sales Assistant and I’m fumbling around life trying to figure out where to go from here, if indeed I do want to “go” anywhere. That’s basically everything about me. I guess that’s what people do?

However, this blog isn’t about having something to put on my CV as proof that I’m actually writing (I PROMISE) despite having a temporary and, as it turns out, very immediate lull in my inevitable booming journalism career. I actually want to spend time cultivating my own style, and I happen to think I have a lot of things to say about things that I like.

So, brief outline; I like make-up (ugh what girl with a computer and social media doesn’t?), I like movies, and I like politics, as much as one can actually -like- politics. Yes, we’re already on our way to an eclectic mix. Last, but not least, who says girls can’t talk about sex? I’ve learned to be open about the most ‘improper’ subjects in every day life, and I’d like to spread that sentiment online.

That’s about all the blushing introduction I can cope with.

See ya later,